Malawi Stories

  • Medicine Bottle Program Ends

    Indianapolis, Indiana … “It has been the most successful program in the past 22 years in respect to the number of people who have spread the word about it, and have participated in helping collect over 1,000,000 prescription containers,” reports Richard Stephens, a co-founder of the Project and member of the Board of Directors. “However, there are also a number of other programs to which we are deeply commited. We must keep our focus on assisting these other areas as well. It is our hope those who have helped with the prescription container program will continue with us to make... Read more →

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  • ALERT – Board Concludes Pill Container Program

    Board Concludes Pill Container Program Indianapolis, Indiana … The Board of Directors for the Malawi Project has announced the successful conclusion of the pill container procurement program. Estimates indicate over a million pill containers have been received, and the exposure of this program reached well over 5 million people. To handle the massive outpouring of support the Post Office often sends two delivery vehicles a day, and on more than one occasion have made three deliveries. That did not count daily by UPS and Fedex as well. In conpliance with Postal requests we ask that all shipments be suspended on... Read more →

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  • Indiana Manufacturer Aids African Farmers

    Lebanon, Indiana … With the goal of assisting farmers in central Africa to mechanize and expand crop yields, local businessman Tom Rich formed Agricultural Aid International, a not-for-profit agricultural organization focused on helping farmers get out of poverty through increased farm production. Tom is the owner of L.T. Rich Products, local manufacturer of commercial sprayers, seeders and aerators. In order to accomplish this goal, Tom set out to build an innovative new farm tractor unlike anything currently on the market. His creation offers the chance to move from ancient hand hoes to simple mechanized pieces of farm equipment. Six tractors... Read more →


  • Landfill Sigh of Relief

    Lebanon, Indiana … One must conclude that if a landfill had a mind and voice it would offer a sigh of relief over an estimated 1 million pill containers that have not been discarded during the past 9 months with the Malawi Project’s Pill Container Program. “Just imagine,” says Jim Messenger, the newest member of the Board of Directors, “if organizations across the nation who are helping third world countries would conduct this same campaign for 3 to 6 months. Then, like the Malawi Project, other programs like Shoes for Trees, Drip Irrigation, and the V-Tractor self-help programs could bring... Read more →

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  • Pill Container Program Reaches Unimaginable Height

    A Mountain of Pill Containers Austin, Texas … “It seems like such a simple thing; a small plastic prescription container. We all have them and we all pretty well take them for granted,” observes Bryon Bhagwandin, President of the Malawi Project. “This is not the case in most impoverished nations especially nations like Malawi where income in the villages is little more than $100.00 a year. Here even a simple pill container is a cost neither the government can afford, nor the patient access. For thousands that is changing with the success of the Project’s Pill Container Collection Program.” Between... Read more →