• Expectant Mothers wait in long lines for care

    Medical care for Expectant Mothers

    We're building Linthipi Birthing Center to solve the problem and we need your help
  • Malawians planting trees in Shoes for Trees programs

    Shoes for Trees

    This program helps Malawians reforest Malawi,
  • Linthipi Health Center Bluebrint-therm
    We're Building a Birthing Facility in Malawi!
  • Textbooks for Malawian Students

    Textbooks Needed

    In many schools in Malawi, the teachers are the only ones that have a textbook
  • Malawi Project Wheelcair Distribution Project

    Wheelchair Distribution

    Thanks to our donors and partners
    we've delivered over 3,500 wheelchairs to physically challenged Malawians.

Malawi Stories

  • I Could Not Visit Anyone

    At 48-years of age Malita Mthita has not only been unable to visit friends, she has not been able to travel 500 meters to a church assembly, or journey five kilometers to the nearest healthcare facility for much needed attention. She has been unable to leave her immediate village, and could not even enjoy a pleasant trip to the nearby market. Malita’s legs were paralyzed at birth, and as she grew there was nothing that could be done to help her walk. This left her in a near impossible state when it came to getting around. At least that was... Read more →

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  • You are No Longer Orphans

    The Msamba Community Based Organization was established in 2008 in a remote area northwest of Zomba, in the southeastern part of Malawi. It focuses on helping orphans, elderly and HIV/AIDS victims. Village people who wanted to help village people, who were their friends and neighbors, formed it at the grass roots level. Maintaining a strong focus on helping develop independence and self-reliance, this community group currently works in sixteen villages, and taking care of 366 orphans, fifty HIV/AIDS clients, and forty elderly people. The Malawi Project and the Namikango Mission frequently take supplies to the Msamba group in order for... Read more →


  • Another Hero Headed Home

    Finding ways to gain the necessary funds for so many programs in Malawi is a never-ending necessity. We, of the Malawi Project, have been rather shy about asking for money, even when for such a noble cause as building a new health care center in Malawi. However, when we see the suffering taking place so needlessly, it compels members us to ask that you help us to improve the lives of these people by contributing the needed funds. It is so fulfilling when others, often those who have never gone to Africa, recognize the need and help change lives. A... Read more →


  • African Elephants

    Liwonde Game Park, Malawi … There are few exceptions. Almost all who travel to Africa are impressed with African animals, and want to see them up close in their natural environment. The Liwonde Game Park in Southern Malawi does not disappoint, and one of the chief attractions is the large number of African elephants who live within the park’s boundaries. Eyes There are a lot of unique characteristics with the elephant, but one that captures interest and fascination are an elephant’s eyes. Unlike other animals the eyes of an elephant reflect their emotions. Fear, boredom, envy, determination, anger are all... Read more →


  • BUV Fills Transportation Need

    The Malawi Project has sent three Basic Utility Vehicles (BUV) for use in Malawi. These units supply needed transportation in a nation that moves from place to place on foot, and transports most things on heads and backs. One such unit is based at the Namikango Mission and Clinic where the Project has its southern point of distribution for much of Malawi. BUVs take much of the load off of man or woman power, moving it more efficiently and effectively. According to Ben Hayes, who moved from Houston, Texas a year ago, to be the station chief at Namikango, “This... Read more →