• Expectant Mothers wait in long lines for care

    Medical care for Expectant Mothers

    We're building Linthipi Birthing Center to solve the problem and we need your help
  • Malawi Project Wheelcair Distribution Project

    Wheelchair Distribution

    Thanks to our donors and partners
    we've delivered over 3,500 wheelchairs to physically challenged Malawians.
  • Linthipi Health Center Bluebrint-therm
    We're Building a Birthing Facility in Malawi!
  • Malawians planting trees in Shoes for Trees programs

    Shoes for Trees

    This program helps Malawians reforest Malawi,
  • Textbooks for Malawian Students

    Textbooks Needed

    In many schools in Malawi, the teachers are the only ones that have a textbook

Malawi Stories

  • Dedication to Serving Others

    Drugs and Supplies in Acute Shortage At 11:18 am on Thursday morning, a senior Nurse from a District Hospital in the Southeastern Malawi called my cell. Her voice reflected desperation. “Can we get medical supplies, catheters or whatever is available? I am standing outside your warehouse.” She continued talking without giving room for a response. “I am sorry madam but we are running out of stock of all medical supplies as well. We have given almost everything out.” I responded. “Though I told her I was 15 kilometers away, and it would be over two hours before I was back... Read more →


  • Floods Displace 200,000 People

    Houses Gone, Crops Destroyed, Roads Washed Away “It is the worst flooding in over 50 years,” reports, “the Guardian” website. The grim story continues with, “Homes swept away like matchsticks, vast plains turned to mud, fields of precious crops drowned.” Estimates put the death toll at well over 200, with 200,000 displaced and the crop devastation widespread. It is especially bad in southern Malawi where the floods were the most destructive. Peter Mutharika, Malawi’s President, has declared half of Malawi a “disaster zone.” Please Share this Read more →

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  • If This Were Your Wheelchair

    “Imagine getting out of your car to be wheeled into the hospital in an emergency situation. You are in pain and you need immediate care. Then you see the wheelchair being wheeled out to get you. What would you think if it were the one in the picture?” Suzi Stephens, Medical Director for the Malawi Project poses the question then continues: “If you are in Malawi you are not going to be surprised by what you see. In fact, you may be a bit surprised if there is any wheelchair at all. Large numbers of patients must walk themselves into... Read more →


  • Not on My Bed

    Malawi … The father rushes into the ward carrying his critically injured child. The boy had been riding in a minibus that was in a highway accident. He had blood running down his face, and it was obvious he had a broken leg. Behind him 12 more people were entering the district hospital with serious to critical wounds from the head-on collision with a tea carrying lorry. The hospital staff, already stretched beyond their ability to give adequate care, and with the hallway filled with pregnant women about ready to deliver, strains under the additional load. “No, no,” I say... Read more →

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  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Receives Wheelchairs

    Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital was named after the Queen of England, at its official opening, during a state visit by the Queen Mother in July 1957. The Hospital is the major referral hospital for southern Malawi, and cares for millions of people, with many being referred from other regions of Malawi. Like other health care facilities, this hospital faces an acute shortage of medical supplies, drugs and equipment to meet demand. The population of 16 million relies on government to provide health care, as 80% of the people live below the poverty line. It is not surprising to note that... Read more →