Malawi Stories

  • Junior Girl Scouts Reach Unexpected Goal

    Far More Than Expected This is the Junior Girl Scout Troop 31816 from Medford, Oregon. For our Bronze award we had to do 20 hours of community service. We were over achievers and did 2 projects; one was making soft chew toys for the Humane Society and the other was collecting medicine bottles for Malawi. Our goal was 300 bottles. We asked our friends, neighbors, and church members for the bottles. The response was overwhelming. We divided the bottles up and each girl took some home to strip the labels, remove the sticky residue, and wash the inside and out.... Read more →

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  • Wheelchairs are a Win-Win

    The Namikango Mission staff carefully removes them from the trailer, one after another, box after box, the full length of a 40-foot lorry (semi). Each box is very similar to the last and contains hope for another person, as well as for family and friends, who has faced near hopeless conditions, some since birth. The label tells it all, “Free Wheelchair Mission”. The box contains mobility. It contains community contact. It contains freedom to go to school, church, shopping, and visiting. It contains the ability of parents to take their growing children with them to the fields while they work,... Read more →


  • Maize is Life

    At the end of growing season in Malawi one can see ripening maize as far as the eye can see. This land of farmers survives from small family farm plots situated around the villages. Each family cares for a plot of maize, and smaller amounts of vegetables, potatoes, and cassava. Near the lake the diet may include fish caught in Lake Malawi. Malawians are very proud of their lake, the third largest in Africa, and many ask guests if they like the Chambo, (one of the members of the tilapia family of fish). The main item in nearly everyone’s diet,... Read more →


  • Laptop Opens the World

    Chikondi Ngwira, a 23-year-old studying Mental Health at Zomba College of Health Sciences, has never owned a computer. Although her studies call for extensive research, typing, printing, and information available on the Internet, she must get in line to use the computers in the college library. “Sometimes I submit assignments late,” she admits. There are just too many students for the number of computers. In a world where technology is the norm, access to the information highway is hard to reach in one of the poorest nations in Africa. Recently students have been encouraged with what can be achieved because... Read more →


  • In A World of Technology

    First world hospitals are filled with the latest technology, and these hospitals abound in every major city, and most mid-size to small towns as well. Cabinets and shelves abound with hundreds of kinds of medicine, and daily supply shipments arrive to keep them stocked for any emergency that might arise. Sadly the same is not true in emerging nations. In fact, in countries like Malawi it is just the opposite. Hospitals have little in the way of working equipment, and less in supplies. There are far more patients than beds, crowds fill the hallways, medicine not available, and un-necessary death... Read more →

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