Malawi Stories

  • Laptop Opens the World

    Chikondi Ngwira, a 23-year-old studying Mental Health at Zomba College of Health Sciences, has never owned a computer. Although her studies call for extensive research, typing, printing, and information available on the Internet, she must get in line to use the computers in the college library. “Sometimes I submit assignments late,” she admits. There are just too many students for the number of computers. In a world where technology is the norm, access to the information highway is hard to reach in one of the poorest nations in Africa. Recently students have been encouraged with what can be achieved because... Read more →


  • In A World of Technology

    First world hospitals are filled with the latest technology, and these hospitals abound in every major city, and most mid-size to small towns as well. Cabinets and shelves abound with hundreds of kinds of medicine, and daily supply shipments arrive to keep them stocked for any emergency that might arise. Sadly the same is not true in emerging nations. In fact, in countries like Malawi it is just the opposite. Hospitals have little in the way of working equipment, and less in supplies. There are far more patients than beds, crowds fill the hallways, medicine not available, and un-necessary death... Read more →

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  • Empty Medicine Bottle Request Brings Unimaginable Response

    Indianapolis, IN … “It was a short post on the Malawi Project Facebook site,” observes a member of the Board of Directors. “Just a simple request for readers to send empty prescription bottles, and the Project would send them to hospitals in Malawi, Africa where they are in very short supply. We expected to receive a couple of thousand of them.” What no one knew was how many people had been saving those little vials for long periods of time, feeling there must be some value for them, but not knowing what it was. No one wanted to send them... Read more →

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  • Hospital Morgue

    A VISIT TO THE MORGUE On a recent trip to Malawi a member of the Board of Directors for the Malawi Project, Mike Ferris toured a rural hospital in southern Malawi. Before leaving the hospital staff insisted he see their morgue of which they were quite proud. Reluctantly he followed them outside the hospital. After the visit he filed this report. “Did I mention what the Head Nurse and Hospital Director wanted me to see before leaving? That’s right, the morgue. I told the rest of my team they were not to accompany me to the morgue, and they were... Read more →

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  • Little Dresses for Little Girls

    I arrived at the warehouse near Detroit precisely on time after leaving my wife, and our luggage with family members 25 miles to the West, in Ann Arbor. The hatchback of the Toyota Prius was now empty, leaving ample room for hundreds of little dresses. They would go on the next 40-foot trailer leaving Indianapolis for Malawi. Carol, from Little Dresses for Africa, was there to happily fill the car, one box, then two, three, four, then five, six, seven. Each box meant a couple of hundred more girls would receive a brand new dress, something few village children ever... Read more →

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