Malawi Stories

  • A Widow Suffers Alone

    Malita Chaya is a widow trying to raise three children alone. They live in southern Malawi in the tiny village of Maluwa, under the leadership of Chief Ngabu in the Chikwawa district. They are the 4th generation of their family from this area, she is physically challenged, and this family lives in the 8th poorest nation on earth. Unlike first world nations who have massive programs of aid for those less fortunate, there are little or no programs of government aid for a woman in Malita’s position in Malawi. This is the plight of living in one of the poorest... Read more →

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  • Prescription Container Response “Amazing”

    Empty prescription pill containers continue to pour in as corporations, medical, civic, community, school, scouting and church groups join with individuals all across the U.S. and Canada in this endeavor. While the original request reached a Facebook audience of over 5 million people, the exposure and response has continued to grow as the story continues to be shared. One example comes from the efforts of Stephanie Brunetti, a nursing student in Santa Cruz Country, California. She reports her astonishing success in her campaign to gather prescription containers. “Earlier this year I learned about the Malawi Project. I was immediately drawn... Read more →

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  • When People Have a Heart to Help

    John, and his wife Carol, have a heart for helping people. John needed serious heart surgery, so he and Carol traveled to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. During his time in Rochester they met a minister by the name of Steve and told him and his wife about the needs in Malawi. Steve, and his wife Patty, have a heart for helping people. They learned about the needs in Malawi from John and Carol. Patty visited her chiropractor, and told him about the needs in Malawi. Dr Nick is the owner of Chiropractic First, and he has a heart for... Read more →

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  • Pain Takes Precedence

    Dedza, Malawi … For years the Malawi Project has worked to establish programs where the spirit of self-reliance takes root, develops and independence flowers into bloom. However, there is one area where the needs of the people must take the forefront and self-reliance put on hold. This is in the critical area of health care. It is impossible for a village person, in a remote region of Africa, to find independence in their healthcare needs. Examples of the seriousness of the need abound. One is found in the Machinga District Hospital in southern Malawi. Since the district hospitals are a... Read more →

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  • Board Gains New President and Treasurer

    Scott Gordon has stepped down from the Presidency after serving this post since 2010, and the Board of Directors since 2008. He continues on the board. The presidency has passed to Bryon Bhagwandin. Bryon made his first trip to Malawi in 2012 after a number of years of growing interest in the mission objectives of the Malawi Project. Scott’s wife, Julie Gordon also stepped down after 11 years of board membership. In another shift Mike Ferris the Project’s Treasurer has announced his decision to focus full attention on his new job responsibilities as the President of MIBI, a leadership and... Read more →